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Sunday Routine: 10 Things to do on Sunday for a More Productive Week

Routine Productive Week

The weekends never seem long enough; my Sunday routine includes these 10 simple things to prepare me for a more productive and less chaotic week.

Between managing the household, working full time, and making memories with the family, I hope that sharing my Sunday routine will inspire you to create a Sunday routine that works for you and your family!

Sunday Routine:

1. Check Calendar – I like to look at the upcoming week and next weekend.  Are there any special events at school this week (pajama day, parent-teacher conference, early dismissal)? Any extracurricular activities/games scheduled for this week? Upcoming birthdays? If yes, have I mailed a card or ordered a gift? What does my work schedule look like this week? What days do I have early morning or late afternoon meetings? Where can I schedule a walk or work out? 

Knowing what I have scheduled throughout the week allows me to prepare my to-do list better and prioritize what I need to get done. It also helps me understand where I have flexibility, especially to handle any unexpected schedule changes, which are bound to happen!

2. Brain Dump / To-Do List – After reviewing my calendar, I like to spend 10 minutes writing down all the things that I “need” (or think I need) to get done this week. By completing a brain dump on paper it allows me to think more clearly and then begin to prioritize and schedule any tasks that need to be completed throughout the week. 

If I have additional items that I do not schedule, I typically write them in the following week as a reminder to review and prioritize next Sunday.  

3. Clean out the fridge – I do a quick look through the refrigerator and throw out any expired items. I also note any items that I may need to replenish in this week’s grocery haul. 

4. Meal Plan and Grocery Shop – I try to know what meals we will eat throughout the week based on our calendar and make a grocery list. I then head off to the grocery (or use Instacart delivery) to stock up for the week. Click here for your free meal plan and shopping list to help you prepare your weekly meals and grocery list for you and your family.

Or Meal Delivery: We have been using Hello Fresh ($80 off + FREE Shipping) for over three years, and although we do not use it every week, we do use it a few times a month. I like that the meals provide a variety to our regular rotation of meals and that they are delicious. Yes, the meals are all things we could plan out on our meal plan; however, some weeks, the convenience wins. 

5. Pack Bags – Mornings and getting out of the house can always seem more hectic if I am not prepared. I spend a few minutes cleaning out Aubrey’s school bag of any papers, preparing her school snack, and packing any bags for extracurricular throughout the week (dancing, swimming, etc.). Also, I use this time to check my work bag and make sure it has everything in it that I need, nothing is worse than getting to the office Monday morning and my computer is still on my desk at home.  

6. Plan some fun! – While my Sunday list includes quite a bit of cleaning, organizing, and preparation as a working mom, it’s essential that I also spend some time with the family. The definition of fun can change week to week; it could be something like a trip to the park to play at the playground or something as simple as a craft or walk around the block together. 

7. Declutter and Pick Up The House – My productivity is highest and anxiety lowest when the house is clean and organized. The weekend usually includes lots of play — crafts, Magnatiles, Barbies, and baby dolls, and they typically migrate from the playroom to the living room. Moving the toys (and any other clutter) back to where they belong helps organize and clean the house as we get ready to start a new week. 

8. Do Laundry – This is probably the item I dread the most. I know everyone says do small laundry batches throughout the week, but I am usually tired after working. I would rather do a few large loads on Sunday. I try to put my first load in the washer before I get our day started. 

9. Clean car – We are bound to eat a snack (or breakfast, even) in the car during the week. I like to clean out any loose papers and receipts, the jackets and random articles of clothing (usually shoes and socks), and restock my center console (clean mask, sanitizer, napkins, baby wipes, etc.) with essentials that I may have used throughout the week.

10. Relax and Get to bed early – Find some time to relax before you begin your week; it could be reading a book, enjoying some quiet time, a nice bubble bath, or a glass of wine. Find something that works for you, and remember to get to bed early. Starting the week off with a lack of sleep will surely put a damper on a productive (less chaotic) week. 

I would love to know, do you have a Sunday routine? And if so, what does it include?

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  1. Oh my gosh, your Sunday list blows my mind!!! That is def one of your secrets to success in how it seems like you always have such a productive and organized week.

    1. So glad you liked this one! Hope it was helpful and can’t wait to hear how you can incorporate some of this into your Sunday routine.

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