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Ghost Feet Halloween Craft for Kids – Easy and DIY

Ghost Feet Halloween Craft

While kids love Halloween candy and costumes, Halloween crafts are another favorite in our house, and this easy, ghost feet Halloween craft is no exception!

Materials for Halloween craft:

How to Make Ghost : 

  1. Paint the canvas black (or use black construction paper) and let it dry completely. I use the Black Americana Deco Art paint, I do not find the washable black covers the canvas as dark.

2. Paint your child’s foot (or hand) with white washable paint.

Ghost Feet Halloween Craft

3. Stamp your child’s foot or hand on canvas. If they are little, you can fit two feet (or one hand and one foot)!

4. Let the canvas dry. 

5. Add eyes and a mouth to your ghost using the black paint or a black marker. 

Ghost Feet Halloween Craft

This Halloween craft makes for a great decoration year-after-year and a great keepsake to remember those little hands and feet!

For additional favorite arts and crafts’ supplies, check out our favorite things page. 

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