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Great Deal: 6 Bottles of Wine for $39.95

6 bottles of wine for $39.95

Subscription boxes have always been a favorite of mine, but my latest find might my favorite one to try yet… 6 bottles of wine for $39.95 + FREE Shipping!

I figured what do I have to lose? It comes out to $6.67 a bottle; that’s better pricing than some of my Trader Joe’s favorites! Plus, this lets me try out some new wines from all over the world that I may not usually try. 

Not a wine lover? This is perfect for gifts —hostess gifts, teacher gifts, or even Christmas gifts!

How does it work?

You set up a profile and complete a 13 question wine quiz, and you will receive an introductory offer to the wine club, 6 bottles for $39.95 (including shipping!) 

That comes out to $6.67 a bottle, over 60% off retail price. 

What types of wine are available? 

They offer both reds and whites that range from sweet to dry, and their wines have won 100s of awards. 

Do you know what wine you will receive? 

Yes! After completion of the quiz, 6 wines will display. You can read more about each wine and even switch out the selections! Plus, if you’re not satisfied with any bottles of wine, they will provide you a credit. 

Once I placed my order, I adjusted the settings in my account. You can update to receive 6 or 12 bottles every one, two, or three months or cancel your subscription at any time.  

My wines arrived in just 3 days, and I’m excited to try them out. The wines I received retail for $104.99, and with this offer, I paid on $39.95!

Click here to get your first 6 bottlesCheers!

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